Maintains a balance between standardisation and personalisation.

Affords you the chance to enjoy the benefits and reliability of a standard system that meets an extremely high percentage of any hotel's operational needs, with the possibility of full adjustment to your business' specifics through easy personalisation.

Works in line with your business strategy.

No technological limitations when it comes to adapting strategic plans for your business' growth and evolution in operational terms. The flexibility necessary to face market changes and capitalise on the opportunities presented by them, along with the possibility of taking on diverse internal management philosophies.

Operates impeccably.

Naturally accompanies basic hotel processes with tools designed to facilitate daily tasks and allow your staff to focus on customer service.

Simple internal and external integration.

The chance to make your hotel management system complete through external integration with customers and suppliers and internal integration among your organisation's distinct departments, all in the simplest way possible without having to invest exorbitant amounts.

Simple to use.

No expensive user training is necessary, which proves especially beneficial in a high-turnover labour market.

Makes reliable business analyses.

The ability to design appropriate strategies based on reliable past data with corresponding analyses suited to each department and to access that data from any point with the aid of a security device.

Commitment to progress and support.

A sure investment, as you'll enjoy lasting interactions with your technological partner, all based on quality service provision.


Centralised architecture.

If you’d like a separate, single server for each of your establishments.

Distributed architecture.

If you’d like each hotel to have its own server while remaining data integration and consolidation online with your headquarters.

Hybrid architecture.

If you’d like to combine the former two architectures, using local servers for specific hotels and not others due to location or critical management processes.


Prestige is a integrated web-service-based management system for hotel chains.

Our system’s architecture allows us to divide services into distinct levels that ensure optimal performance and perfect adaptability to your needs according to the nature of your business. The system functions on three levels:

  1. ViñetaClient: corresponds to the presentation layer and supports user interaction.

  2. ViñetaApplication Server: corresponds to the application layer and supports business logic.

  3. ViñetaData Server: corresponds to the data level and supports information management.

In small-scale implementations, the application and data servers normally share the same computer whereby the local structure (LAN) is reduced to a PC network with one server and as many workstations as necessary, though we recommend separate servers for the application and data layers.

hotel I

hotel n


central servers

hotel server

Different configuration architectures.




Data Server

APP server

Web Server

(optional depending on the architecture selected)


integrated hotel management system


Technology for hospitality industry

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