Our solutions represent the most innovative technological and functional approaches for facing the challenges of a competitive business environment.

If you're looking for technology to support your corporate strategy, a partner that will help you develop and expand, a solution for integrating operations online, a unique platform for multi-channel sales management, or a monitoring and assessment tool for managers at hotels of all types and sizes,

you've found your solution.

What makes us different...

Our experience, the way our projects are personalized, our understanding of an ever-changing and demanding market, a philosophy centred on long-lasting client relationships, and proactivity in searching for technical, reliable and robust solutions as competitive value.

Main Features

Available in different architectures: Centralised, distributed or hybrid.

On the cutting edge of its technological base:  Web Services.

Acquirable through complementary functional modules.

Fully integrated with web and computer office environments.

Based on IT standards.

Easy to use.

Technology for hospitality industry

The integrated “Prestige” hotel management system affords you the power to ensure a high work capacity while keeping data secure and confidential, all with the least needed infrastructure in your hotel.

Technology for hospitality industry

integrated hotel management system


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If you're thinking about acquiring a new management system for your hotel, looking a low investment but with all the power for a large chain, don't hesitate: Prestige SaaS is for you. Software as a Service.

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