Prestige business management is an analysis and data exploitation tool that combines the information obtained through management central and front office, allowing you to visualise data globally.

It’s your key to developing corporate memberships programs policies.

Since this is an Internet-oriented application, it can be run with no need for installation and from any work station that has a browser, thus facilitating access to information for organisation members who work from different geographical locations.

Using different filters, business management allows us to visualise information in different ways so we can adjust each report to the distinct department requesting it and more easily make decisions. Results can be visualised at the hotel or corporate level.

Moreover, the flexible manner in which dates can be consulted means we can get to know the business' progression between different periods in detail, making comparative studies in absolute and/or percentage terms in real time.

Prestige Business Management includes full sales activity management, as well as reports on results obtained from sales and performance studies by activity and salesperson.

This unit can carry out customer management by accessing and modifying the same information as management central and front office in real time, thus allowing us to examine actions geared towards maximising the benefits of our CRM policy.

The information is divided according to basic business management key performance indicators:

  1. ViñetaHotels

  2. ViñetaBusiness sources (Telephone, Internet, Email...)

  3. ViñetaGeography (Provinces, Communities/States, Countries)

  4. ViñetaChannels (Agencies, Companies, Individuals...)

The graphic format presentation helps visualise data and lets us check their progression intuitively.

  1. ViñetaDefinition of Yield strategies.

  2. ViñetaOptimisation of inventory and prices.

  3. ViñetaForecast analyses: by market sectors, room types, rates, etc.

  4. ViñetaYield result monitoring.

  5. ViñetaContribution and analysis of group business.

  6. ViñetaForecast and strategy simulations.

  7. ViñetaOpportunity cost calculations.

  8. ViñetaDeclining demand analyses.

  9. ViñetaMulti-language

minimum hardware


PC with 1 Gb. memory

30 Gb. hard drive

1280 x 1024 monitor

network connection


PC 2 Gb. memory

120 Gb. hard drive

network connection

operating system


applications server

Windows 2003 Server



Oracle 10

Microsoft SQL Server

operating system**

Windows 2003 Server



business management


management central

reservation central


* any one of them

** any one of them if the database supports


business management


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business management

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