This is the caterer’s back office, where point of sales, sales items, pricing, menus, and sales or statistics control are maintained.

It’s the crossing grounds for any matter related to catering.

Takes care of configuring point-of-sale terminals and user registration and defining privilege policies. It also lets you design and put together menus for the items being sold.

All POS terminals empty their data into the Food & Beverage unit in "real time," restaurant bill to restaurant bill, hotel bill to hotel bill. This way, you can analyse sales data for any time period, area, user and terminal instantaneously.

Food & Beverage also lets you design the item palettes that make up the touch screen terminals' dynamic keys. You can choose the keys' arrangement, size and colour as well as grouping levels for each terminal and user.

If you're handy with gadgets, you can create multiple colour palettes and inter-link them. But if not, there's no need to worry: Prestige Food & Beverage will do it for you automatically, grouping items by groups, families, sub-families, menu groups or dish groups. You'll barely have to do anything – just dedicate yourself to sales.

Its main features are:

  1. ViñetaSales item maintenance:  groups, families, sub-families, menu groups or dish groups.

  2. ViñetaManagement of sides, condiments and modifications.

  3. ViñetaMultiple rates and sales prices by item.

  4. ViñetaPricing: calculates costs and automatically cuts stocks from the stocks module.

  5. ViñetaUser maintenance: privileges, functions, accesses, etc.

  6. ViñetaTerminal set-up: formats for restaurant and hotel bills, connections, default rates, etc.

  7. ViñetaStatistics and reports: sales by items, families, scheduling periods, users and shifts.

  8. ViñetaConsumption and sales charts.

  9. ViñetaInstant consumption.

  10. ViñetaSales auditing and restaurant/hotel bill log

  11. ViñetaRevenue control by method of payment, sales per terminal or area, user or shift, hotel credit, etc.

  12. ViñetaManages remote printers in production areas, bars and dining areas.

  13. ViñetaMulti-language

minimum hardware


PC with 1 Gb. memory

30 Gb. hard drive

1280 x 1024 monitor

network connection


PC 2 Gb. memory

120 Gb. hard drive

network connection

operating system


applications server

Windows 2003 Server



Oracle 10

Microsoft SQL Server

operating system**

Sun Solaris

Windows 2003 Server



food & beverage






nomada por


* any one of them

** any one of them if the database supports


food & beverage


for headquarters

for hoteles


for catering



food & beverage

Technology for hospitality industry