minimum hardware


PC with 1 Gb. memory

30 Gb. hard drive

1280 x 1024 monitor

network connection


PC 2 Gb. memory

120 Gb. hard drive

network connection

operating system


applications server

Windows 2003 Server



Oracle 10

Microsoft SQL Server

operating system**

Windows 2003 Server



management central





reservation central


* any one of them

** any one of them if the database supports

Designed to support the hotel chain’s corporate structure, this module allows you to configure each hotel, maintain corporate clients, define rates policies, monitor the ocupancy levels at each hotel, and consolidate your hotels’ billing, revenue and occupancy data.

Some of the management central unit's functions are:

  1. ViñetaHotel maintenance by city, area, destination, category and brand.

  2. ViñetaCorporative clients, customers, companies, travel agents or TTOO profiles data maintenance. As well as, DMCs, GDSs or booking services companies profiles. Every of them in a central database.

  3. ViñetaManagement of rates, contracts, packages and offers.

  4. ViñetaCentral design of a five-level services map for your revenue data.

  5. ViñetaHotel availability over central alloments or online inventory control.

  6. ViñetaGeographic availability by area and destination.

  7. ViñetaOccupancy by client with non-guaranty alloments and T/A sales control options.

  8. ViñetaConsolidated T/A sales control by hotel and client.

  9. ViñetaSales closures by hotel, rate type, room type and travel agent.

  10. ViñetaIndividual, agency or company, group, master and multiple bookings.

  11. ViñetaOnLine hotel booking updates.

  12. ViñetaFull sales management, sales activities and monitoring of both.

  13. ViñetaCentralised consolidation of hotel management data: occupancy, billing, revenue, cashiering, etc.

  14. ViñetaCorporative customer profiles with unlimited information about stays.

  15. ViñetaCentral accounts receivable management.

  16. ViñetaReports and Statistics: year-to-year, month-to-month and daily comparative studies.

  17. ViñetaFull integration with the Internet: direct link to the company website and booking engine.

  18. ViñetaFull integration with the Internet; direct link from the unit to the company website and booking engine.

  19. ViñetaMulti-language.

Also makes it possible to create company user and privilege policy profiles for the entire organisation.

Real time informational exchange among hotel units using messenger services designed by Prestige Software, which are integrated into Prestige Enterprise or the Prestige Chain Management System.


management central


management central

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