All of our applications naturally boast default, Prestige-configured listings and printing forms. Even so, if you wish to customize and adapt them to your corporate image, there’s no need to fret – formats makes it as easy as can be.

This module allows you to create new printouts or adapt any of the already-programmed templates to your image.

You can create new printouts or use a pre-programmed template, adapting them to your image (but don't overdo it -- think green!).

These are just some of its features:

  1. ViñetaFormat templates and pre-created printouts.

  2. ViñetaModification and creation of new templates.

  3. ViñetaSupports all Prestige units.

  4. ViñetaCreation of personalised billing formats.

  5. ViñetaAllows you to place independent or related texts in Prestige fields.

  6. ViñetaAllows all of the system's font and colour types.

  7. ViñetaColour changes in text, background or borders.

  8. ViñetaFormat sizes: A4, A5, envelope, etc. or personalised.

  9. ViñetaAssignment of number of copies per printout.

  10. ViñetaDefinition of which columns will be printed in the printout.

  11. ViñetaAllows you to define restaurant bills for the easytouch POS terminal.

  12. ViñetaAllows you to create figures, lines, circles, etc.

  13. ViñetaLets you place graphics and logos wherever you'd like.

  14. ViñetaAutomatic page numbering.

  15. ViñetaSpecial page, date and time fields.

  16. ViñetaHelp grid to define alignments.

  17. ViñetaField magnetism and automatic adjustment to grid.

  18. ViñetaAutomatic or manual text alignment.

  19. ViñetaLets you design if a field will be printed or not on a specific page.

  20. ViñetaDefinition of even and odd pages.

  21. ViñetaOn-screen format preview.

  22. ViñetaMulti-language.

minimum hardware


PC with 1 Gb. memory

30 Gb. hard drive

1280 x 1024 monitor

network connection


PC 2 Gb. memory

120 Gb. hard drive

network connection

operating system


applications server

Windows 2003 Server



Oracle 10

Microsoft SQL Server

operating system**

Sun Solaris

Windows 2003 Server

* any one of them

** any one of them if the database supports




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